Calling All Day Trippers

Now that every house is probably spotlessly clean, cupboards sorted, windows sparkling, odd jobs done and after a spell of such beautiful weather, gardens are so  well trimmed and hoed, there is not a weed that would dare to show its’ face.  Maybe then it’s time to give some thought about what we want on return to our U3A. Would you like to see the Day Trip format changed and if so how? What are the places you would like to visit? What would you like to be included to do/see? Would you like more Day Trips to include a meal? Is the distance we travel a problem? Would you be interested in week end or overnight stays which would enable us to travel further and see more? What about lunch visits to Olde Worlde Pubs?  If you  now find yourself with some spare time then this is the ideal opportunity for us to have a rethink. Do a bit of computer research, share ideas and take a good look at what we do and how we do it. Perhaps many aspects of our lives will be changed, so do we want to change the way we organise Day Trips? I will be interested to hear your views/ideas. If you do have any then click on leave a reply below or ring me and have a chat.(526 4665)  I hope you are all keeping well and safe.  Take care.  Regards  Marj


4 thoughts on “Calling All Day Trippers

  1. Hi Marj,
    thanks for thinking of us all during this scary time. I’m sure I’m not alone in looking forward to our days out re starting. I’m always happy when a meal is included, you manage to find some yummy restaurants. I also like the idea of country pub lunches, after all, I am a greedy guts . Take care of yourself, hope to be able to see you soon,
    Love Rhona

  2. Hi Marj,
    good of you to be thinking of us at this scary time. As you know, any day out which includes a lunch is fine by me!! I also like the idea of visiting country pubs for lunch, there must be some really unusual ones not too far away. Having said that, all your days out are interesting and informative, can’t wait to start again!!
    Keep well

  3. Hi Marj.
    Hope all is well with you and you’re managing any appointments you may have.
    See thinking of day trips still seems to be your number 1 priority. You’re asking for suggestions but you make it so difficult as all your trips take some beatiing, although I thought your mention of a two day trip with an overnight stay sounded interesting. It would be nice to travel a bit further afield (The Cotswolds for example!) And of course anything that involves eating always seems popular. Do you remember our trip to The Palace of Varieties in Leeds? That was a good few years ago and was really enjoyable. Sorry I can’t come up with anything more inspiring.
    Keep well
    Love Irene

  4. Hello Marj

    I hope you’re keeping well. How lovely of you to be thinking of organising your next days out. Sorry I can’t add on to your list of cleaning or boast of mine. I could say I’m not making mess but boy am I spreading myself and my ‘projects’ about, not to worry there’s only me to notice. When they say we can meet with other human beings again I’ll have the grand clean and no-one will know any different as they’ll be checking out the manicured garden!

    Food cooked by someone else is always a treat. A meal in the country, on a boat or a train always enjoyable. Your suggestion of overnight trips sounds good, maybe somewhere like the Edinburgh Tattoo or back in time to Beamish, or the Black Country Museum.

    Countryfile Live from the BBC have a big annual event at places like Blenheim or Windsor, would any of these events be acceptable?

    Belmond British Pullman does a railway trip to include fine dining and a trip to Blenheim Palace , other trips available, eg Durham, Norfolk, or Bluebell Line which passes Horsted Keynes, where Downton Abbey enthusiasts can explore the set for the village station.

    Slattery Patissier & Chocolatier, Manchester have a visit with afternoon tea and Blists Hill at Ironbridge run various theme days

    Sorry if I’ve repeated trips you may have already made but they might set minds thinking and wherever you choose you’ll be inundated with requests to come, as they say you never know what you’ve got till you miss it and I’m sure, like me, many U3A members are really looking forward to your trips starting again. Thank you so much for thinking of us, over to more suggestions

    take care all and stay safe


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