Hail, Sun, Wind and two parks!

Just 3 of the Pedal Pushers were foolhardy enough to ride out today. Setting off from Brunswick station, our first stop was about 50 yards on where we had to shelter from a sudden hail shower! Once this cleared we rode on along the promenade where a helpful wind was behind us…although that meant unless it changed direction we would be cycling back into the wind! Leaving the prom at Otterspool we cycled through the Festival gardens, on to Lark Lane and into Sefton Park. In another couple of weeks the full glory of the Field of Hope will be evident, although there were quite a few daffs already in bloom,  so it will warrant a return trip. Having done an almost complete circuit of the park we progressed to Greenbank Park where the delights of the Watering Hole café awaited us. Refreshed and replenished we set out on the return journey and yes as we suspected, cycled straight into the freezing cold head wind. Progress, as expected, was somewhat wobbly and slow, but we made it back to the station just in time to catch the train back home. So, the sun shone ( a little) the hail hailed (quite a lot) and the wind was “somewhat bracing” to say the least!. Legs now feel like lead but another great ride for our hardy little group!

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