Wind, rain and plenty of mud!

Just 5 of the Pedal pushers ventured out today. The weather forecast said dry until 1pm so we decided to try the Cheshire Lines to Formby. Moral of story…never believe the forecast! 10 mins into the ride it started to drizzle…then became a bit heavier, then the wind picked up driving the rain straight into our faces…and the specs of those wearing same! Having negotiated a fallen tree at the beginning of the path, we made very slow progress through the numerous puddles, fallen twigs and branches and mud a plenty! Half way to Formby, with the rain still falling, we had a rethink and cut through to the bypass and made for the warm cosy atmosphere of the Sunshine café in Ince Blundell. In spite of us dripping everywhere and shedding mud from boots, they made us very welcome and served toasty warm tea cakes and very good coffee. Definitely on our list of coffee stops now. Warm and refreshed we donned wet outer gear again and set off for home. It’s surprising how the wind can drive across the open fields in Lunt, especially when its forcing rain straight at you, but we made it home, glowing from the rain and chilly wind with another 15 miles ride under our belt. Well done guys!

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