Pedal Pushers…full or half?

Having been rained off so many Wednesdays this year, the sun finally shone for the group. So 8 pedal pushers ( accompanied by 2 folk from Easy Riders) took advantage of the good weather and set out on the Sefton Circular route starting at Maghull. The ride across Jubilee Wood was not good due to the very uneven path, but we were soon through this obstacle course and having crossed Brooms Cross road, joined the canal bank at Netherton. From here it was a very pleasant ride across Rimrose Valley, down Great Georges road, to the Crosby Lakeside Centre, The first part of the promenade was great, however nature conspired against us and we were confronted with sand dunes across the path. The council digger was in operation clearing the new dunes back onto the beach, but we were forced to walk and push the bikes through the sand for most of the route to Crosby baths. Thankfully, from here to the Lifeboat station we were able to ride again, albeit having to dodge pedestrians who seemed unable to adhere to “their” side of the prom! From here we used the lovely track constructed of used tyres to Hightown, then followed the route by Altcar barracks through the Formby and Freshfield. Stopping at Kitties café for a very lovely lunch break, the group then split, with 4 returning home on the train, whilst the others continued on the circuit. Cycling though the woods to Ainsdale, then along the coast road, we were soon back out of the pollution of idling car engines back to the route to take us to the Cheshire Lines. We were lucky to sight a Sparrowhawk sitting on the telephone wires, plus many hundreds of grazing geese enjoying their lunch on the stubble fields. Another bird was encountered further down the path, but this time a mechanical one, in the form of a helicopter surveying the electricity cables! From here it was a straight ride back to Maghull, although the path was so narrow in places due to undergrowth it may soon require a machete to get through! Safely back in Maghull the sun was still shining, and we were pleased to have once again completed the circuit of 24 miles, with some of the group doing this for the first time. Thanks once again to Bill for safely leading the group.

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