Taki Katei – December 3rd. FULL

We are privileged to view this Japanese artists work. Once a celebrated artist in Tokyo, Taki Katei’s paintings were displayed in the Imperial court and his impressive works also traveled to international exhibitions. After his death the demand for delicate paintings of flowers and birds fell out of fashion and his work was slowly forgotten. But you will recognise them I am certain.

A lovely calming  run up to  Christmas rush.

World Museums Liverpool, near to Walker Art Gallery  Tuesday December 3rd, tour 11 am.
Cost….with group concessions

Entry £5, Tour £4   Total = £9 

train from Maghull 10am  meet at venue  10.30 am

NB.  if  you cannot attend any visit you have put your name down for, can you please have the courtesy to inform Art Appreciation, at Tuesday meeting , by  email or by telephone as  this avoids unnecessary waiting and thus delaying the start of tour for other members .

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