Daresbury to Preston Brook

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Fifteen of us took part in the latest walk along the Bridgewater Canal as part of our Cheshire Ring project.

We started the walk at the Ring O Bells pub in Daresbury, it was a beautiful day for walking. We took it fairly slowly with plenty of breaks due to the heat.

Soon after we started we came across a very interesting pelican crossing – there was a crossing for horses as well as a separate one for people! We passed through the Daresbury Science Park to join the canal and walked a short distance before leaving the waterway to walk through the village of Moore before rejoining the canal at the point where we left it on the previous walk.

We then headed along the Bridgewater Canal in the direction of Preston Brook. We saw several canal boats but very few joggers and cyclists. There wasn’t much wildlife evident, probably too hot for them! We had good views of both Runcorn Bridges, Fiddlers Ferry Power Station and Halton Water Tower.

We crossed the Runcorn Branch of the Bridgewater Canal before leaving the canal at Preston Brook. We then walked along the main road for a short distance before making our way over a footbridge to cross the M56. After a pleasant stroll through the cool woodland we found ourselves walking along the Runcorn Branch of the Bridgewater Canal opposite Preston Brook Marina. We crossed the canal and walked a little way before leaving the towpath to make our way down a narrow lane to reach the main Liverpool to London railway line.

Once across the railway line we walked up a reasonably steep hill and passed under the Bridgwater Canal. Our next move should have been to turn onto a footpath but it was incredibly overgrown so the decision was taken to head through the Daresbury Business Park back to the main road.

It wasn’t very far along the main road until we reached Delph Lane. We walked down this road to where the footpath would have brought us out had we been able to use it. From there we went into a woodland area and again made our way up a fairly steep hill before rejoining Keckwick Lane which would take us back to the Ring O Bells where we enjoyed lunch.

All agreed that it was another enjoyable walk.

(Thanks to Anne Blundell for the narrative and photos)


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