Murder Mystery Walk in Chester

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Sunday Strollers decided to try something different this month. 18 of our members solved a mystery murder in Chester.  We split into 3 groups of 6. Group 1  got off to a flying start.  We started at St John the Baptists Church and the ruins next to it.  We had 22 clues in total to solve and we visited the Amphitheatre, River Side, Edgar Field Park.

  We had to find a water wheel on the far side of the river, and we went past an odd little house that had a peculiar legend.  The story goes King Harold did not die at the Battle of Hastings but was carried wounded from the battlefield to Chester.  It is said he lived out his life as a monk here.

We decided to stop for lunch and went to the Old Kings Head.  This was the house  of Randle Holme 1, Mayor of Chester 1633-4.  It was described as a “New Building” in 1633.  Four generations of the Holme family worked as Chester Heralds and Historians during the 17th Century.  Their painting Heraldic Memoral tablets are a feature of many Cheshire Church.  The building is one of the most haunted buildings in the country.  And has appeared on National Shows whilst also featuring in protected Official Government documents.

After lunch we made our way back to the river side and continued solving clues and finished up in Grosvenor Gardens.  Once we solved the last 4 clues here and had solved the murder we made our way back to the station and had a rest and coffee and got the train back leaving Chester at 4 arriving in Maghull just after 5.

Great day with great company and the murder mystery got the thumbs up from everyone.  Great to see new faces.  Next walk is on the 3rd Sunday 16th June when Judith will be leading this walk, along the waterfront at Liverpool. If you want more details watch out on the website or visit Group Support desk on a Tuesday.


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