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The foodie group met yesterday and 3 of our members presented regional bakes. Jill  (who sadly could not join us but sent the most amazing bake) made a Shropshire Fidget Pie. In spite of extensive research, the history of this pie is unknown, but it is a genuine regional bake but with no provenance. It is thought it might have evolved in the same way as Cornish Pasties and Bedfordshire Clangers….filling pastry with meat and vegetables to use leftovers. Whatever its origins it was delicious!Dennis made both Bedfordshire Clanger and another Fidget Pie, but the latter was made to a different recipe. it was interesting to taste the differences in the two bakes. The Bedfordshire Clanger is a pie with both savoury and sweet filling. The origin is that they were a complete portable meal for farm labourers – the savoury portion would be marked with 3 steam holes, and the sweet with 2 so everyone knew which end to eat first. The name may come from the old Midlands word “clanging”, which means “eating with great relish”.

Finally Fay gave us Welsh Cakes. These are a great tradition in Celtic Baking and are cooked on a griddle or heavy based frying pan, rather than in the oven. Served either hot with butter, or cream they made a lovely end to the tasting session. thank you to all out bakers.

This session was  our last “home based” meeting, as we have various food related outside activities planned over the summer, but we reconvene at St James church hall in September. New members are always welcome.

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