Nordic Walking 5 mile walk

The weather last night was perfect for walking and 12  members turned up at Nordic Walking in Lydiate.  We completed a five walk in 1.5 hours, that’s 18 minute miles.  That is the longest walk we have completed on a Monday night so we must be getting fitter.

You do need to complete a short course  with Active Sefton before you can join the group.  Our walks in the summer are from Lydiate and are for 1.5 hours. Our walks in the winter are shorter and last for 1 hour.  We also offer an hourly walk every other Monday morning from the Maghull Meadows Leisure Centre.

Active Sefton have Nordic Walking groups most days of the week in different parts of the borough.  If you want more details go onto the Active Sefton website or visit the group support desk on a Tuesday morning

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