PC skills helpers for library

I am just enquiring on behalf of your local Library, here at Meadows Leisure Centre.
We are looking for some people to do 1 to 1 help sessions for members of the general public in basic computer use.
An hour or two each week would be all that’s needed. 
This would be arranged by appointment, & simply be an informal chat through whatever they need to learn to do.  How to type a word document, how to go on the internet, how to send & receive emails etc – these are common inquiries.

One of the Library Computers would be booked for each session, so the only ‘equipment’ necessary would be provided!  Sometimes we have enquiries about ‘tablets’ too,  so if anyone has a little expertise in that area also they could be useful

If there is anyone involved in the U3A, perhaps, who you think might be interested in helping local people in this way please could you let us know via the email;
maghull.library@sefton.gov.uk   or telephone 0151 288 6731
We could then arrange to meet & discuss what is involved.

Yours hopefully Michael @ Meadows Library

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