Around the world in Maths 4 Fun

We had a very enjoyable afternoon today discovering links between Newcastle and Valencia, Madrid and New York, Tokyo and Adelaide, and Montevideo and Cape Town.

Our voyage around Latitude and Longitude revived some long forgotten facts about circles and angles, and having tackled time zones and the International Date Line, we think we now all know our place in the world.

We welcomed some new members, and started with warm-up ice-breakers such as:
A family gathering had a mother, father, daughter, son, aunt, uncle, nephew, niece, brother, sister and cousin. If there were only 4 people there, who were they?

If you can’t work it out, ask one of the maths group or come along and join us next time, Wednesday 3rd April at Kensington House at 2.30 when we will be looking at Strategies for Sudoku, Kakuro and other fiendish puzzles.

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