New Group – Law For Fun

One of our new members is a qualified Barrister and has recently retired from a “life of crime” that spanned over 40 years and in his words is now living on the proceeds.

He is willing to talk about a number of legal topics in a relaxed and entertaining way.

He will not  talk about whether you should pay your parking tickets from Maghull Square but will provide a light hearted look at some legal topics (and perhaps to bust some urban myths!

Some of the topics that could be covered:

  • Human Rights, what is all the fuss about?
  • How does the European Convention on Human Rights impact on the Criminal Justice System?

He will also try to cover any other topic that people may be interested in for example :-

  • How did a humble snail have such a huge impact on English Law?
  • What did we learn from two sailors and a cabin boy that is still being talked about today?
  • Why do I have a car that is impossible to rob?

We need to know  how many people would be interested in attending this group before we  book a suitable venue. We hope to start the group in March on the afternoon of the  3rd Thursday  (21st March).  If you are interested please add your name to the list on the Group Support Desk or text Brenda on 07900525222

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