Family History 2019

Jan 4th    Bring deposit for (late) Christmas meal.

Discovering a Local Hero.   Tom White

Feb 1st    Translating documents.   Pam & Ros 

Mar 1st    Using Computers for Family History.    Doug Bird.

Apr 5th    Irish/Scottish records

May 3rd   1871  ===  What can you find about your ancestors in that year?  All

Jun 7th    Open Day.  talk, stalls and help desks.  All

Jul 5th     Playtime. Outdoor games children played.  All

Aug          No Meeting

Sept 6th   Working Summers. Pea, fruit picking etc.  All

Oct 4th     Black Death/ Spanish Flu/ 17th C Plague. The effect on the population.  Doug & Pam

Nov 1st    Evacuation of children WWII.    Pam

Dec 6th     Where did He leave your presents? And other Christmas Tales.  All


COMING SHORTLY………………….2020

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