Maths 4 Fun Christmas Games

Twelve of our group had a great time today with the maths of family games, honing our logic and spatial awareness skills ready for Christmas.

We tried Mobi, Blokus, Bedlam, Tantrix, and some old favourites like 3D noughts and crosses, Chinese Chequers and Connect 4. This is maths but not as you know it!

We will have a break in January and will meet again on Wednesday 6th February 2.30-4.30 at Kensington House. Why not come and join us?

More info from Wanda Leach 284 8454 or

One thought on “Maths 4 Fun Christmas Games

  1. sounds like my kind of fun. sorry to miss it as alternative was nursing a 4 year old with a stomach bug. Joys of grandparent hood eh?

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