Day trip – Llangollen

We boarded our coach and set off at 9.15am on Wednesday with a very overcast sky.  We were pleased that our favourite driver – Phil was behind the wheel. As we progressed into Wales the sun came out and the rest of the day was glorious, all adding to a great time.  We travelled via the Horseshoe Pass and enjoyed some glorious views. We arrived at Llangollen and had time to enjoy a good wander, discussing which of the great eateries we would use.  The venue chosen was excellent owned by a chap who was Italian/Irish/English and he offered us very tasty food.  Afterwards we wandered down to the station where the steam trains run from and stopped on the bridge spanning the River Dee where the water was thundering down showing no sign of a drought. .At l.30pm we re-boarded our coach for the short drive to where we waited for our narrow boat.  Many of us had to breathe in as we settled into our seats and set off at a leisurely pace.  We soon approached the Pontycysyllite Aqueduct – on our left you could, if you wished, look down and realise how high we were off the ground (126 ft) It is a marvel of Victorian engineering.  Once we had crossed the Aqueduct the bar opened and we were served with a variety of food and drink  all served by a Welsh speaking Liverpudllian from Kirkby! We enjoyed a very pleasant leisurely 2 hour trip with plenty of chat.  Sadly, it was over all too soon and Phil was waiting for us with the coach and we were
 soon on our homeward journey.Many thanks to Marj for arranging a great day out
as always   Tony Kneebone .

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