‘Canary Across the Mersey’


‘Canary Across the Mersey’  is a true story which some members may remember. It’s about a young boy at school in Maghull who one day finds a canary and gives it a home. Written by Dr Michael Boyle, son of Lill Boyle, our welfare secretary it is beautifully illustrated.  There is now a delightful video about the book which you can see here.

Lill writes  “St Georges Junior had a big intake in Michael’s year year and were accommodated in a prefabricated extension in an orchard behind the Church.This was a fantastic place to be, for a young boy or girl,  with bluebells, wild rabbits, and a donkey – and a place to play football at playtime! Close by was a place the children called the Haunted old School House. What happened sounds unbelievable but I assure you it really did happen. You might like to read it to your grandchildren and perhaps your own children will remember it happening?”  

Call Lill on  526 4303. if you would like a copy.




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