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Marj has asked me to post the “Thank You ” below.

Colin Gore

I would like to express thanks to my friends and their partners of  Badminton 1 Group for the most enjoyable evening bestowed upon me, on my relinquishing of the above group.

After ten years I decided it was time to pass over the reins, but not to hang up my racquet.  You are not getting rid of me that easily.   I have enjoyed running the group which has resulted in me making some very dear friends and having a great social life (yes even at my age), not forgetting the Badminton of course.

So again many thanks for my meal, my bouquet and gift vouchers.

You have all been so very kind and a great group to work with, see you Wednesday am.

Marj Grundy.


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  1. Thank you Marge, I joined your badminton group some nine years ago having not played the game before I remember sitting in my car outside the hall wondering if I should go in, I did go in and you made me feel so welcome and have had many happy times since so thank you. George Dobie.X.

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