Sunday Strollers take to the waters

20151122_120442The Sunday Strollers went on their first stroll recently.  It is has been quoted that people on their own can find Sundays a difficult day and in some cases do not see anyone all day.  So this is where the new group could help. Although there were only three members on the first walk, others have shown interest and hopefully will be available for the next walk.  We left Maghull Station on 11am train and walked down to the Pier Head.  Although it was cold, the sun was out, and the waterfront looked amazing.  We got on the 12 o;clock ferry (the new Dazzle ferry see photo) over to Seacombe and then walked the 3 miles to New Brighton.  We had our sandwiches and coffee (Judith makes a great cup of coffee) on the front and went into the new Pavilion and had a rest in the nice  comfy seats. We could have come back on the train but decided to walk back to Seacombe and catch the 3.20pm ferry back to Liverpool. We met visitors to the city on the ferry and were able to help out taking photo’s and joined in with the song ‘Ferry across the Mersey’ (I don’t think any of us will be joining a choir soon!!!!).  We got back to Maghull at 4.30, had not spent a penny, had good fun and enjoyed each others company, so a very successful venture.  We intended to repeat this walk on a Sunday near the end of January and hopefully this will become a monthly event.  Speak to John or Brenda McKenzie for more details.        .

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