Cook Club starts February


For all you foodies and home cooks out there this is your perfect monthly event.

The main focus of the club would be to share ideas, tips, stories, and observations or put another way, have conversations with others who like to eat.  .

Many of us buy recipe books with good intentions, but sadly they get put into a cupboard and never used.   Being part of a group could provide the support and encouragement needed to have a go at new recipes.

An idea could be if each one of us tried a new recipe each month and then report back to the group on the result.  We could each try a different recipe or do the same recipe. So a bit like the way a book club runs. The group can decide the way forward, we could try different approaches until we find the best one for the group.

The aim is that the meetings will be light hearted and fun and are open to amateurs and experts alike.  This is not a club to watch someone else do a demonstration this is all about getting involved and sharing with others.  So it is important you are willing to do this,

Because of the nature of the club initially the number of members will be kept to 10, this will ensure everyone from the group can be involved, if the group was any bigger this may be difficult.  We can meet at my house 57 Deyes Lane. The first meeting will be on 28th February 10.00 to 11.30, and then meet once a month.

If you are interested please contact me, Brenda McKenzie  on 531 0207.



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